Thinking about Patient Care

Message of the CEO

   At Biomederm, our main goal is to be recognized as dermatology distribution company that best meets the needs of dermatology patients and physicians in Iran.

  Our ambition are commitments to be responsible for distributing and promoting high quality products, and to ensure that health professionals and patients receive the education and information on the proper use of our products.

  We comply with all applicable legal requirements in our country where we operate. It is also intended to provide a framework to help us meet the high ethical standards represented by our values.
  We have chosen to focus exclusively on dermatology, focused on major diseases of the skin and the provision of comprehensive services to dermatologists and other physicians who treat patients in dermatology.

  We believe that our focus on the patient as the first of all values ​​of Biomederm. We are dedicated to achieving the highest quality and strive for excellence in everything we do, always keeping in mind the well-being and full recovery of patients as our main goal.


                                 Dr. Ariane MINAIYAN